Suede’s latest album Bloodsports is now available to buy. Click here for more details.

Suede have also released their entire studio back catalogue in re-mastered and expanded versions.

The group – Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert, Richard Oakes and Neil Codling – have been working on the album content and re-mastering with founder guitarist Bernard Butler. The expanded versions include previously unreleased demos and unreleased songs, along with DVD extras with almost three hours of previously unseen live footage, three hours of rarely seen TV programmes and films, and almost two hours of brand new interviews.

Brett Anderson said:

“This is the definitive collection of pretty much everything we released in 14 years together – and some stuff which we didn’t. It’s all re-mastered and includes unreleased, never-before-heard oddities and gems which even I’d forgotten about. It’s the complete audio history of a band and, like any band of interest, it’s flawed, strange and sometimes beautiful.”


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  • Suede remastered and expanded, out now. Click to order
  • Dog Man Star remastered and expanded, released 6 July
  • Coming Up remastered and expanded, released 13 July
  • Head Music remastered and expanded, released 20 July
  • A New Morning remastered and expanded, released 27 July
  • Bloodsports


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“Suede is a band with a glorious oeuvre and even their less well-known songs are greeted with something approaching religious ecstasy” The Independent

“Brilliant song after brilliant song. A triumph”. NME

“The crowd was positively ferocious. I saw Suede many times in the ‘90’s and people would get pretty excited, but nothing like this. It was basically the culmination of the most astonishing regeneration of last year”. The Word

“They are not just as good as they were in 1997, but maybe they are even better”. Clash


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